Tuesday, January 27, 2009

never never again land

Let me just start by saying, from the neck up--gorgeous. However, from the neck down I can't quite figure out if Madge is wearing a Peter Pan costume or an Oscar The Grouch pelt.

or what?

How does one harass the jellyfish anyhow??

gone to the dogs

Mickey Rourke's career is going nuts!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Janine from Greeley, Co sent in this photo attached to a letter in which she writes: "My husband and I thought that adopting a Gothopotomus from the local humane shelter was an admirable thing to do. Let me tell you our lives have never been the same! Larz was rescued from a life of gang violence which had hardened his soul. His temperament is an unpredictable mix of sloth-like lethargy and manic combativeness. It makes it hard to form a bond with him. We mostly try to keep him in the basement since he trashes the house every time we let him up. Lately he has taken to posting obscenely doctored photos on the Internet and has been seen around the neighborhood with the local Gothopotomus gang The Morbidly Obese. I have vowed to get a dog next time."

sweater from hell

So Satan sent me a letter the other day and this photo was attached. Seen here is Satan's cat "Andie" being coddled by it's nanny on a recent peyote-fueled spirit walk in Taos, New Mexico. Apparently this new-agey positive energy sweater is the latest in Bad Cat Fashion. With the drawstring bottom it's basically a sack with a hood, which ensures that your kitty won't run off when it begins hallucinating.

Friday, January 2, 2009

8-bit mural

For the video game nerds who decide to start families, Blik and Nintendo offer a wall graphics pack with familiar scenes for the modern kid's room. $75 for 36 reusable wall decals. And, yes, it comes in Donkey Kong too.

Jimmy Wales is psychic!

Wanna see something really ridiculous?

Then click on this

I mean, honestly, who would need to google this......besides me...and the robots?