Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the skillz to pay the billz

1989. Wendy's. Employee training video...from hell.

And here's PART 2

Thursday, November 20, 2008


And now a word about what is seen on the "catwalks" of life's most hideous runway: Bad Cat Fashion. BCF is the preferred clothing trends of Crazy Cat Ladies (CCL). But what about the men, you ask? There must be Crazy Cat Men (CCM) alive and well co-existing in craziness. Perhaps it is time to speak of this sub-culture in terms of Crazy Cat People (CCP). The CCP of today are a progressive community which does not tuck their tails between their legs at gender biases! Please to enjoy...

sticky sweet

I didn't even know that you could get jam from a bean...but that's besides the point.

it costs extra to smile

think pink!

Thanks to Miss Stapleton in Seattle for sending this in. This is the cutest Breast Cancer Awareness ad I've ever seen!

a funny way to raise money

What's freakier than clowns? Naked ones! In an effort to help raise money for MS, you can purchase a 2009 calendar featuring photos of clowns in the buff. Strange concept connection, but raising money to support research for a disease which still has no cure is always worthwhile. Check out http://www.nakedclowncalendar.com/ for more info.