Friday, October 10, 2008

LEGO no you di-in't!

"who's bad?" This reenactment of The King of Pop is pretty bad! For starters, the last time Michael Jackson had freckles, he had his original nose to display them on and we all know how long ago that was. They gave him fringey bangs and a cute little grin--hmm, he almost looks like a young boy. Ewww. On a positive note I thought the one white hand was a nice touch, and it's fitting to see Michael constructed out of plastic--art imitating life, no?

Where to begin? I get that it's tough to transcend the skintight pants look to minifig but why did they have to dress up Prince like Colonel Sanders? The head alone bears absolutely no resemblence to Prince. It sorta makes him look like a lesser character from the movie Tombstone. Kudos to using a comparison photo that shows the real Prince with totally different hair and clothing!

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