Monday, April 6, 2009

spring break for the Gothopotomi

Once again spring break is here and, while most teens and young adults are on tropical vacations or shakin' their bootys at Mtv, what about the adolescent Gothopotomus crowd? Are they partaking in the hedonistic holiday the same as their more spunky lithe classmates? Are they working on their tans? I think not. After several attempts at interviewing my neighbor's son Scott "Charrlord" I finally lured him out with the promise of a McRib sandwich. Charrlord says that the sun "frightens the soul" and makes his bangs kink back up so he spends his break...wait for it..."in the basement" adding that sometimes his folks send him to spend spring break in his Uncle's basement.

Maria Salducci from Port Hueneme, Ca sent in this photo of her daughter Eve. "She's a very bright girl, she just won't stop wearing black is all," writes Maria.

She goes on to explain that her daughter usually spends her break at the local Mall shopping for things to pierce herself with. "At least she doesn't stay down in the basement all the damn time like some of her friends!"

Update: Things turned ugly real quick when Charrlord discovered that his promised McRib was just a ruse. I'm back home now and, although my arm still stings from the massive tetanus shot, the bite marks have almost totally healed.

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